ELFA Changzhou Zijingyuan Basketball Skills Tournament

ELFA Preschools have always held the physical development of our child in high regard. In recent years, ELFA Preschools have introduced basketball to our activities and it has quickly become popular with our students and parents. Basketball promotes different motor skills through running, jumping, dribbling and shooting motions, which are also important milestones for children in the “3-6 Year Old Children Learning and Development Guide”. These skills can stimulate the development of physical capabilities in children, helping them to be healthy and lively.

The children are confidently displaying their skills.

The children are happily practicing at school.

Small-sized basketball has long been a favourite of our children. Starting from a size seven ball, to size five and then size four, ELFA Preschool helps our budding athletes steadily increase their ball control skills. Basketball has already become a daily companion to our children.

Our teachers and students (far left) at the Changzhou City Athletics Festival opening ceremony.

With the inaugural Jiangsu Province Changzhou City Athletics Festival, ELFA Preschool @ Chanzhou Zijingyuan grasped the opportunity to bravely challenge our children. ELFA Preschool help them take advantage of this unique growth platform by forming a team to participate in the Basketball Skills Tournament. This Athletics Festival was jointly organised by the Changzhou Municipal Sports Bureau and Changzhou Municipal Education Bureau, undertaken by the Changzhou City Youth Amateur Sports School, and supported by the Changzhou City Wushu Association, Changzhou City Sports and Dance Association amongst others. In total, 20 schools with 49 teams comprising of 530 members attended this event.

Posing for a group photo after a successful performance!

The practices and competition brought the children great joy and satisfaction. Subconsciously, it also improves their personalities and confidence, emotional control, determination, and learning the value of teamwork, self-control and constraints. The children certainly grew through this experience and displayed admirable qualities such as uniting and forging ahead together, working hard and helping each other, showing self-discipline and respect for rules and other people.