ELFA Preschool@Tangshan’s Clothing Donation Charity Drive

Spring’s warm breeze brings the change of the seasons in April. As we start to change our wardrobes and ponder over new looks, our teachers seized the opportunity to waive in a valuable lesson for our children. Our teachers taught our children to think for and empathise with children who lack good clothes. While our children enjoy the goodness in life, they can help children who are less fortunate at the same time! Let us be grateful for our happiness, and share our warmth and beauty with others.

To promote a charitable mindset in our children, ELFA Preschool @ Tangshan launched a charity donation drive called “Clothed with Love”.

Through this campaign, we encouraged parents and children to voluntarily donate their old and new clothes. Clothes collected, which were washed and disinfected, were then packed for Tangshan Charity Organisations (TCO). TCO then contacted the schools and kindergartens in remote mountainous areas to distribute these warm clothes for their children. These clothes spread warmth and brought happiness to the needy!

The official donation drive event received positive responses from parents and children! Over 600 pieces of clothes were collected from about 300 children and their parents. Both parents and children felt the kindness and empathy permeated the campus.

ELFA Preschool@Tangshan was opened in September 2010. Located at Egret Alley Residences in Tangshan’s Lubei district, the school currently has an enrolment of over 300 children. Lubei district is the heart of Tangshan, and is where the Tangshan Municpal Government is located. In 2019, the school was recognised by authorities as a Hebei Province First Grade Kindergarten, and it is the only private kindergarten in Lubei district to be so recognised.

Donation boxes awaiting the clothes from our children

ELFA parents expressing their thoughts on the charity drive and the needy

ELFA children placing their donations in the donation boxes

ELFA children and parents happy to have participated in the charity drive