For the second year running, The Grange Institution (TGI) clinched the gold award for Best Environmental Initiative at the Singapore Education Awards 2022. This annual event is organised by HoneyKids Asia, an online parenting and lifestyle platform.

The Grange Institution awarded school with the Best Environmental Initiative for 2 year in a row

A total of 34 international schools participated in this awards series, which celebrates the outstanding achievements, efforts and contributions of Singapore’s best international schools.

The Best Environmental Initiative recognises the school for promoting sustainability in both its curriculum and green spaces, based on eco-friendly values.

Aptly named the Green Granger, TGI’s award-winning initiative champions education for sustainable development and for maintaining a green campus with preserved natural surroundings.

Authentic green spaces are developed within the 3-acre campus grounds

By designing green learning spaces within the site, TGI has been able to plant and grow more than a hundred varieties of plants. This includes an eco-garden with a mini food forest where fresh organic produce is harvested regularly.

The students have opportunities to be involved in growing and harvesting, making learning come alive from the textbooks and video clips. The fruits and vegetables collected are made into healthy meals for the students and shared with a neighbouring elder care centre. Some harvests are even sold to raise funds for charity.

From garden to table, the learning community can enjoy the harvests from our mini food forest

TGI’s Founding Director, Ronald Stones OBE, was quoted saying, “The school believes in its role as educationalists to inspire students to develop a passion for sustainability”.

He added, “This is not limited to sustainability of the environment so that future generations will continue to thrive on our planet. It is also about sustainability of society that comes from acts of kindness, empathy and understanding through learning, working and living together.”

The Green Granger initiative uses the outdoors as learning spaces, supporting the development of academic, social and creative skills.

The judging panel of HoneyKids says, “We really appreciate the effort The Grange has put into incorporating sustainability into its curriculum. From demonstrating farm-to-table to sharing its fresh produce with the community – the school showcases how the importance of sustainability can be taught from a young age.”.