Kinderland has embarked on a partnership with Lions Befrienders Service Association (LB) since 2018. LB aims to promote active and positive ageing among a community of seniors. To help achieve this goal, Kinderland has raised more than $30,000 over two years. In 2019, over 2000 children raised more than $12,000 by selling art and craftworks, hand-made cookies and through other charitable activities.

Kinderland child demonstrating to a LB senior on how to put together a craftwork

Anthony Tay, Chairman of LB, is grateful for the partnership with Kinderland. “The funds allow our seniors to continue enjoying our programmes and services.” Beyond monetary aid, the children’s presence promotes intergenerational bonding and improves the seniors’ well-being. Mingling and having common activities between the generations allow the seniors to share their skills and experiences, thereby bringing them a sense of fulfilment and self-worth. Mdm Loh, a befriendee (beneficiaries under the Befriending Services) aged 88, staying alone, was thoroughly entertained by the children’s performance. She shared, “I love the impressive performance put up by the children. They brought us lots of joy.”

A heartwarming combined performance between LB seniors and Kinderland children

The fundraising, volunteering, and performing activities added to classroom learning as our children displayed “care and concern”. With a common goal in mind, our children learnt to work with their peers to raise funds for the seniors. They also showed greater love, respect and selflessness towards them. When asked about their experiences, the children were more than enthusiastic. Tiew Yi Jing, K2, said, “I like to see the seniors smile when we perform for them.” Another K1 student, Wu Jing Rui, was all smiles and laughter, “Spending time with the seniors makes me happy.”

Seniors and children sharing a photo after interacting with each other

Kinderland will continue its close partnership with LB to enhance the lives of the seniors. As our children bring joy, life and laughter to the seniors, they also bring home with them valuable life lessons and experiences gleaned through interacting with the seniors.

Fun times for the young and old in this partnership between Kinderland and LB