Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Family and Development, visited Skool4Kidz to observe our home learning sessions with the little ones.

Assoc Prof Dr Faishal’s visit was part of the government’s effort to ensure that children on leave of absence do not miss learning opportunities.

Our teacher shares with Assoc Prof Dr Faishal about Skool4Kidz’s home learning initiatives.

With the use of video conferencing and home learning resources, children are able to learn “live” with their teachers and classmates. Another advantage of web conferencing is that the children at home feel connected to the preschool and their classmates.

“At the visit, I saw how preschools can utilise technology to help reduce administrative work, improve interactions with children and parents, and enhance the quality of early childhood care and education. For example, as part of the precautionary measures against COVID-19, preschools have been advised to increase the frequency of temperature-taking for children and staff in the preschool. For centres like Skool4Kidz who have adopted SMART Solutions, their process of daily temperature and attendance taking of children has been automated. This reduces the administrative load of teachers, so that they have more time for quality interactions with the children’’, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal shares.

Not missing out on lessons, our child at home gathers with her friends in class through web conferencing.

A Skool4Kidz child listening in attentively during Home-Based Learning.

Skool4Kidz utilises technological aids to help our children’s learning. These provide a richer inquiry-based learning environment for the children’s holistic and multi-dimensional development. Regular updates are sent to parents to keep them abreast of developments through a customised technology communication online application.

Together with our little ones, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad learns more about the precautionary measures Skool4Kidz is taking to fight the virus.