Twenty-three of the Mandarin Language students from The Grange won 30 awards in the inaugural Chinese Language Festival 2020/2021, launched by the English Schools Foundation and co-hosted by the Education University of Hong Kong and China International Education.

The students were successful across the board clinching various Champion, Runners-up and Merit awards in the lower and middle primary levels under the Southeast Asia (Non-native) Group.

Our year 3 student, Thant Lin Htet, was declared the Group Champion in the competition, for winning in all the three categories.  He was 1st runner-up in the “Reciting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes” category, and 2nd runner-up in “Four-frame Comic Drawing” and “Hard Pen Calligraphy”.

Southeast Asia (non-native) Group Champion – Thant Lin Htet.

Nine lower primary students won awards in the “Reciting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes” category, taking one 1st runner-up spot, four 2nd-runner-up and four merit awards.

In the middle primary section, Naythan Robins took the Champion’s crown in the “Reciting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes” category. The rest of his year mates swept the 1st and 2nd runners-up awards in “Reciting and Singing of Nursery Rhymes”, “Hard Pen Calligraphy”, and “Four Frame Comic” categories.

Mandarin as a foreign language is one of the three language options offered by The Grange. Our language programmes are organised around listening, speaking, reading and writing, offering authentic opportunities and interdisciplinary links with IPC Units of Learning. Students apply their learning through engaging and fun activities such as class discussions, oral practices, Chinese calligraphy, cultural-related activities and celebrations

This online competition was open to seven regions around the world and received a total of 4,944 entries from 3,621 participants and 450 participating schools during the submission period from 30 November 2020 to 31 March 2021.

Check out the list of winners from The Grange.