The COVID-19 pandemic has led to temporary school closures around the world, accelerating the notion of Home-Based Learning (HBL) unprecedentedly. Kinderland preschools across the region were not spared, and had to adapt to bring classroom learning into the homes of our children.

The team at Kinderland Singapore headquarters drew on their collective expertise and resources to design a system for children to learn from their homes. Finding alternative ways for our children to learn was not an overnight affair, but one that required months of hard work. With preparation starting as early as January, Kinderland was amply prepared to implement HBL.

Each country’s learning system was tailored to suit local needs, and ensured that quality teaching and learning was uninterrupted for every single Kinderland child.

In Singapore, the country implemented “Circuit Breaker” measures from April to June, causing a shift from classroom learning to HBL. Despite a short span of four days, the academic team put together a comprehensive take-home learning kit and arranged live e-Classroom sessions for all preschool levels.

Kinderland in Singapore conducts HBL for our children during the Circuit Breaker period

Over in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Malaysia, the transition to HBL began earlier in the first quarter of this year. It was an extraordinary experience for our preschoolers. Despite being apart from their teachers and friends, it did not dampen their zest for learning.

Virtual lessons are delivered to the children at Kinderland Malaysia

Kinderland children across the region can continue to learn with HBL lessons in place

The spirit of resilience was evident among our Kinderland network. Our staff, children and their parents took the disruption of COVID-19 in their stride. Kinderland believes that delivering lessons virtually and maintaining interaction with their teachers and peers help sustain a level of normalcy, which is vital for the children and their wellbeing.

To all who have done their part in making HBL happen for our children, we thank and appreciate you!