On 16 November 2022, the inaugural “THE BIG DRAW – Sanxingdui Art” Art Competition held a prize-giving ceremony at the Sanxingdui Museum. One of our Kinderland Preschool @ Xiamen student was awarded a prize for her masterpiece “My Sanxingdui Museum”. Both Kinderland and ELFA preschools were awarded for their contributions to the competition.

Warren Tuan, Director of Marketing and Business Development, China Business Division (fourth from left), represented Crestar Education Group to receive certificates for Kinderland and ELFA preschools’ outstanding contributions

Sanxingdui’s history dates back to the Bronze Age, and its civilisation and culture is unique in Chinese history. Even today, much about Sanxingdui that remains unknown, and its relics demonstrate an artistic style unlike any other in China. This uniqueness guided our children’s interests and sparked their imagination.

“THE BIG DRAW – Sanxingdui Art” Art Competition is  jointly organized by the Sichuan Culture and Tourism Department, Deyang Municipal Government, Sichuan Bureau of Cultural Heritage and Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau. The competition gathered a total of 1978 submissions by 56 schools and 24 education organisations across 22 countries and regions.

Our Kinderland Preschool @ Xiamen prize winner Lin Zihan tops the winners list!

The 36 artworks by Kinderland and ELFA children showcased a variety of creative techniques and their understanding and feelings towards Sanxingdui. This was especially so in the winning work submitted by six years old Lin Zihan from Kinderland Preschool @ Xiamen. Her prints expressed her wonder at the mysterious history and culture of Sanxingdui and its huge variety of relics.

A stunning bronze statue, one of the many unique artifacts from Sanxingdui. (Credits to Sanxingdui Museum)

Zhang Huini, Principal of Kinderland Preschool @ Xiamen, presented the certificates to Lin Zihan

Lin Zihan’s mother, an art lover, was extremely supportive. She said, “Art education allows children to feel connected to the world and in touch with their emotions. Children will learn to view things appreciatively and broaden their perspective. This art competition is respectful of Sanxingdui’s heritage, using it as a basis to move forward rather than dwell on the past.”

Our prize winning work being showcased at the ceremony: “My Sanxingdui Museum” by: Lin Zihan

The competition allowed our children to be exposed to incredible crafts and wonderful art from thousands of years ago. This immersion helped drive their curiosity and sense of exploration. Kinderland and ELFA will continue to expose children to arts and cultural learning to cultivate their cultural confidence and aesthetic sense.