Kinderland Cambodia International Preschool’s Annual Graduation Concert took place on the 15th of June 2019. It was a day to celebrate the friendship fostered, and the learning that all the children had together throughout the years they were in Kinderland.

The Concert began with a welcome speech by two of our students, followed by an address by Mr Taing Seng Por, Director of Kinderland Cambodia International Preschool.

The opening item was a ballet performance by 6 of our graceful ballerinas. 9 other stunning performances were showcased by children from Pre-Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2. The audience were impressed with the confidence and energy exuded by the children on stage.

Opening item, ballet performance by 6 Kinderland Cambodia children.

 To conclude the celebration, graduation scrolls and awards certificates were presented by Mr Taing to all the Kindergarten 2 graduates. 2 children from the graduation cohort also delivered their graduation speech. It was a moment where emotions welled up for all teachers and parents. These children had done well and made everyone really proud of what they had achieved in Kinderland so far.

Veng Soneka receiving her certificate from Mr Taing, Director of Kinderland Cambodia International Preschool.

The Kinderland Cambodia family poses for a picture as the ceremony and concert comes to a successful close.

Kinderland Cambodia is in their 5th year of operations. We look forward to many more years of nurturing and empowering the children in Cambodia with our quality education delivered by the dedicated and passionate team of Educators in Cambodia.

Cambodian children having fun learning in class