On 2 September 2021, more than 200 Kinderland staff, principals, teachers and partners from around the region experienced a vibrant Kinderland and ELFA Brand Day.

Mr Robert Leong, Group Chief Operating Officer, Crestar Education Group (CEG) kick started the exciting day addressing the company’s belief that discipline and action are foundational keys to success.

Mr Robert Leong sharing on the Kinderland Brand Refresh

Mr Seet Lee Kiang, General Manager, Crestar Education Group (Early Childhood), shared on behalf of the management team their appreciation for all Kinderland and ELFA staff members for their dedication, resilience and exceptional creativity with managing the centres during these turbulent times.

Mr Seet Lee Kiang shows his appreciation for all Kinderland and ELFA staff in his speech

Dr Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development of Kinderland and ELFA, shared the latest developments in the curriculum. Learning never ceased at Kinderland and ELFA. With Covid-19’s impact, Kinderland and ELFA progressed towards adapting our lessons and teaching tools in accordance to the new normal around the region.

Dr Carol Loy updating all staff about the new additions to curriculum projects and initiatives

We were honoured to have speaker Ms Maxine Teo, Founder and Director of Global Max Academy, to deliver “Colours for Powerful Relationship”. The training aims to help all staff build powerful relationships with colleagues, children and parents.

A virtual group photo to commemorate this special Teacher’s Day

Being early childhood educators, we aim to become empowered educators, effective teammates and excellent service providers.

We want to say a big thank you to all our wonderful teachers for always stepping up to challenges, against all odds and motivating our Kinderland and ELFA children to consistently give their best. Please enjoy this very special day that celebrates you!


Crestar Group Teachers' Day