“International Women’s Day” is a special day to celebrate women all over the world. In the spirit of this wonderful day, Crestar Education Group (CEG) pays tribute to all women who have shown unparalleled dedication and made incredible contributions to the lives of our children. The roles women play in children’s lives, especially as teachers and mothers, is profound and multifaceted. These roles shape the foundation of a child’s character development, academic progression, physical and emotional well-being. The impact of women on children from an early age has helped lay the foundation for a more inclusive and equitable society.

On 8 March 2024, preschools under the CEG across eight countries held special activities to celebrate this significant day. Let us take a look and see how our children expressed their love and gratitude.

Celebrations in China

Our children in Kinderland Preschool @ Xiamen, China, prepared beautiful surprises for all their teachers to celebrate Women’s Day. In Kinderland Preschool @ Zhuhai, China, our children presented flowers and gifts to their mothers and grandmothers, and thank them for their love and care! Our children also took the opportunity to declare their love through heartwarming photos.

Children at ELFA Preschool @ Cangzhou showing off their handmade work that was featured in their video

Our Kinderland Zhuhai children proudly proclaiming their love for their mothers

In ELFA Preschool @ Cangzhou, China, our Kindergarten One (K1) children participated in the recording of a video “A Little Red Flower For You”, in which they expressed their gratitude to the important women in their lives. The Kindergarten Two (K2) children of ELFA Preschool @ Chengdu, China, carefully prepared their gift of love – a flower arrangement for their dearest mothers! With grateful hearts, our children presented the flowers to thank their mothers for the care and love they had always received.

Children at ELFA Preschool @ Cangzhou showing off their handmade work that was featured in their video

K2 children in ELFA Preschool @ Chengdu, China making flower arrangements for their mothers

Celebrations in Vietnam

Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam invited fathers to collaborate with their children to create a special gift for their mothers – personalized handmade candles. This fun activity allowed fathers to bond with their children while creating a unique gift for their mothers. The children gave their handmade presents to their mothers and teachers on Women’s Day to thank them and recognize their achievements in overcoming the many challenges women face.

Our supportive fathers helping their children prepare a surprise gift for their mothers

Crestar Education Group celebrates women as important pillars of society and give thanks for their strength, wisdom and warmth. Let us cherish the women in our lives and work together to build a better tomorrow!