Some 100 candidates in Singapore took the HSK Level 4 to Level 6 and HSK Oral Test Advanced Level on 28 June, 2020 from their homes using the online platform. It was the first time the international test was held online, due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

The regular test schedule had to proceed as planned because of the continued demand here and overseas from universities, institutions and multinational companies HSK remains as one of the key requirements for further studies and employment.

Much effort had to be made to prepare for the online Test, which was held at a designated time for the thousands of participants around the world. The invigilation of the home-based exam involved a full range of remote monitoring through a highly-secured exam platform using a third-party video conference system.

Chinese Testing International in Beijing ran comprehensive and systematic trial runs of the Test with the staff. It was important that the online system proceeded without any hitch to protect the reputation of HSK as the leading brand in international standard Chinese Proficiency Test.

The centre in Singapore contacted all the candidates individually two days before the Test to ensure that all network and test environment met the required standards.

Two hours before the Test on 28 June, the centre ran a final round of checks and a refresher training for all the chief invigilators on the details of the procedures.

Under the guidance of the host institution Chinese Testing International, the hard-working test centre staff and invigilators successfully facilitated the Exam smoothly, setting a new milestone for the HSK Test Centre in Singapore.

The Test Centre Conducts Pre Examination Training for the Chief Invigilators

The Chief Invigilators Monitor the Exams

HSK Home Based Online Exam in Progress