Crestar Education Group starts first International Primary School – The Grange Institution

Having long-established as a leading provider of preschool education in the region, Crestar Education Group – the parent company of Kinderland, is proud to announce the launch in Singapore of The Grange Institution, our first international primary school.

The lush 3-acre land is surrounded by lush greenery, resting along the path of native and migratory birds.

Crestar Education Group has built a strong network over the last 40 years with over 100 centres and some 15,000 pre-schoolers in Singapore and the region. We have had countless enquiries from parents over the years about pathways beyond our preschool service. Many of them have expressed a desire to see the culture and creative philosophy in Kinderland continue into the next learning phase of their children. The aim of The Grange is to provide such continuity into the primary years for parents looking for an international programme for their children. We have gathered a team of highly-experienced professionals who have worked with prestigious international schools in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and South-East Asia to embark on this project.

Through creativity, students learn through various forms of expressions and experiences.

Where creativity flourishes.

The Grange recognizes creativity as an increasingly important skill in order to thrive in this fast-changing world. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and develop lifelong skills along the pathway to become globally-minded students. Teachers are supported by a team of Creators-in-Residence, who, as dedicated professional artists, take responsibility for inspiring and guiding students to learn, incubate and create original ideas.

The library at The Grange provides an expansive space for students to explore learning in new ways.

An amazing place to learn.

The Grange is one of the first in Singapore to offer the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum for its Proficiency Frame of teaching and learning. Teachers take advantage of every opportunity that arises to promote learning while using our interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach.

The Grange students learn through our interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach.

Developing original thinking and creative solutions allow students to reinvent themselves.

The school is located at a lush 3-acre plot of land along Yio Chu Kang Road, co-shared with Kinderland. Resting along the path of native and migratory birds, the natural environment provides the school with an array of methods to deliver its teaching. One such example is our Garden-to-Table project. Taking learning beyond the traditional classroom environment, students across all levels are involved in technological innovation and sustainability practices, though the development of a garden site.

The Grange inspires our students to develop original thinking and creative solutions, becoming happy, confident and responsible members of society.

A Yellow-vented Flowerpecker, commonly found in the area.

The Garden-to-Table project provides a platform for students to engage in sustainability practices.

The Grange is now enrolling our first cohort of students. For more information, visit us at or contact us at

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