The participation of over 1000 educators at Professional Development Day 2023 reaffirms Crestar Education Group’s dedication to nurturing wellness and fostering professional growth

At Crestar Education Group (CEG), we believe that the well-being and professional growth of our educators are paramount in providing quality childhood education. The highly anticipated Professional Development Day (PD Day) 2023 was held on 3 July 2023 at Singapore Expo. It united early childhood educators and staff from Kinderland, ELFA, NurtureStars, and Skool4Kidz, fostering collaboration and cultivating an empathetic workplace for all.

Over 1000 educators from Kinderland, ELFA, NurtureStars, and Skool4Kidz at Singapore Expo for the annual CEG Professional Development Day 2023.

In her address to educators, Dr. Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Kinderland, ELFA, and NurtureStars, emphasised the importance of self-care for mitigating stress. Additionally, Ms. Marion Mony, Director of Programme and Development at Skool4Kidz, highlighted the 3Ps: Physical, Psychological, and Professional wellness, further enriching the wellness-focused tone of the day. Their insights encapsulated CEG’s commitment to supporting educators and promoting holistic well-being in early childhood education.

Dr. Carol (left) and Ms. Marion (right) acknowledged the challenges that early educators face in balancing effective teaching with the well-being of their students.

Our educators were offered an extensive range of workshops, each designed to enhance different aspect of their well-being. Led by Kevin Wong, Founder and Head Consultant of E3Sports Asia, and Shawn Quck, a certified mental wellness and health coach, the sessions were practical and engaging. They provided educators with useful tools like relaxation exercises and stress management techniques. They also offered strategies for cultivating a supportive and collaborative workspace. Additionally, educators had the chance to enrich their understanding of nutrition. They were given practical advice on making informed dietary choices and shown how to use the Healthy365 app for tracking nutritional intake. The day’s event wrapped up with a lively Zumba session, an experience that unified our educators as they unwind and embrace their well-being through physical activity.

The PD Day exemplified the importance of raising awareness about self-care and support systems for educators, providing them with valuable strategies, tools, and resources to excel in demanding roles.

Highlight of the day! The Zumba session led by Siti Zhywee and Junyang Julian, an energetic and fun way for our educators to embrace physical wellness.

The PD Day’s success was reflected in the enthusiastic participation of over 1000 educators, making it the most-attended training day since 2017. CEG remains committed to nurture educators and equip them with the necessary support to excel in their roles.