NurtureStars children may not know much about the pop music enjoyed by their parents and grandparents, but they sure knew how to put their best foot forward and celebrate their achievements to the evergreen tunes in this year’s graduation concert.

This year’s coming-of-age showcase by the Kindergarten 2 children, billed with the theme “The Retro Musical”, was held at the The Matrix @ Biopolis on 13 December 2019. It featured some 200 NurtureStars children from all the six SAFRA clubs presenting a musical and dance buffet to 12 rousing, popular songs.

Dressed in colorful costumes with hearts full of confidence, the children got their parents and guardians in the audience to relive the days of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, The Carpenters’ “Top of the World”, and other hits such as “Let’s Get Loud”, “Beautiful Sunday” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

They displayed “strength”, “courage” and determination”, which reflect the characteristics of our NurtureStars children, groomed through the unique curriculum that emphasizes physical literacy in addition to academic learning to attain “Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds”.

It was another fabulous way to wrap up another preschool year, congratulate the K2 graduands and wish them further success as they move on to another interesting journey of learning in primary schooling.

Expressing hearts full of love to the tune of Beautiful Sunday

Our children gyrating to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”, reprising the glory of the 80’s.

Lead by Ms Mimi of JACPA, our children showing off confidence, agility, discipline and teamwork in a special gymnastic display.

Putting their best steps forward in the “Good Morning Teacher!” skit.