Le Thao Nguyen (Nhim) was among our first batch of students to join Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam in June 2019. Kinderland International Preschool first started its flagship preschool in Vietnam, HCMC at Vista Verde, in March 2019.

Lovely Nhim and her proud parents posing for her graduation photo.

Nhim’s parents were very proud and amazed at how much their shy little girl has grown.

When Nhim first joined Kinderland, she was very reserved and clingy to her parents, and she could not speak English. She was hesitant to participate in any social activities and hardly initiated play with her classmates. But within weeks, under the encouragement and dedication o our Kinderland team, this shy girl gained more confidence. She became more sociable with everyone around her.

Nhim continued to blossom with Kinderland. She adapted well to the Kinderland curriculum and the environment specially designed to help children grow confidently. Her mother noticed that Nhim loved going to school, especially during the lockdown in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Luckily for Nhim, the online classes were an alternative solution for her to remain connected to the school.

Nhim would initiate to perform for her family the English songs she had learnt in school. She became evidently more fluent conversing in English and would even try to crack jokes with her teachers. A girl who used to cry during morning arrivals, Nhim matured into a cheerful young lady who would run to school every morning and greet everyone respectfully. Nhim’s confidence and grasp of the English language were evident during the graduation concert performance. She performed confidently and gave a short speech thanking her parents and Kinderland.

Nhim having fun in Kinderland with her teacher and classmates

When Nhim graduated, the Kinderland team was sad to part but felt proud of her for how much she has grown. After moving on to grade school, Nhim continued to visit Kinderland after school to share her day and school experiences.

Seeing the deep emotional connection Nhim has for Kinderland even as she progressed into Grade 1, her parents expressed their appreciation to Kinderland through writing. The Kinderland team at Vietnam takes to heart the trust and support that Nhim’s parents have given. With the encouragement, we are assured that our team has done right by the students and we are determined to do even better at nurturing our children and bring out the best in them.

Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam wishes Nhim the best in her learning journey!

Letter of appreciation from Nhim’s Parents

Translated: Kinderland was the third kindergarten for Nhim. In the beginning, Nhim was quite confused and shy. Initially, she would cry every day, wanting not to leave her mother when she goes to school. But she would always return home happy every day. She ate well and slept well. From a little girl who doesn’t know English, she grew to communicate with teacher and friends, form sentences and sing English songs. Even on weekends, she would still request to go to school.

The school year 2019-2020 was a challenging year with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, interrupting children’s education. Nhim was sad and had reminisce about school. Luckily, the online classes that the school organized allowed her to continue lessons, talked to friends and learned well.

On the day she said goodbye to Kinderland, her teacher and her friends, my tears rolled. Sometimes I wish time will come to a standstill. Nhim will never need to grow up, and she can continue her studies at Kinderland, where she is loved and enjoy every moment here.

On behalf of the family and Nhim, I would like to sincerely thank Kinderland and all the teachers. Their love for her was the best gift for Nhim to confidently progress into Grade 1. I hope Kinderland will continue to grow stronger, and have more students experiencing the love of the school’s staff.