Due to the necessity for safety precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, preschools were unable to hold their usual graduation concerts with family members. As such, Crestar Group’s four early childhood brands Kinderland, ELFA, NurtureStars and Skool4Kidz hosted their respective concerts virtually from individual preschool centres.

Unruffled by the restraints resulting from the precautionary measures about 600 of our little ones went through their paces with great spirit and confidence as they put up rousing performances.

Together, We Are Stronger!
Themed ‘Together, We Are Stronger!’, children at Kinderland put up spectacular performances that displayed unity and resilience in the face of unprecedented COVID-19 precautionary measures.

The programme comprised of singing and dancing performances from Kinderland’s signature Children’s Music Programme (CMP). Every graduating child across every Kinderland centre got to perform in the respective preschool’s stage ensemble. Valedictorians also took to the stage with their speeches in mother tongue languages to share their experience and appreciation of their preschool learning journey.

Kinderland also used the concert to unveil another pioneering effort – a virtual marching band performance comprising 47 Kindergarten One and Two children at Yio Chu Kang preschool. The children practised for three months before the event to put up a rousing performance.

Kinderland was the first to introduce preschool marching band in Singapore, in 2010, as part of its music-enriched curriculum.

The enthusiasm of Kinderland graduates filled the room with energy as they performed to the song ‘Our Children, Our Tomorrow’.

Many Hearts, One Heartbeat

The theme of the graduation concert at ELFA was “Many Hearts, One Heartbeat”, which saw the children displaying their talent with a showcase of stirring performances. There was poetry reciting, tongue twisters, song and dance to Chinese and English speech and drama. The performances attested to ELFA’s integrated bilingual curriculum with heavy emphasis on the acquisition of Chinese oral language and reading skills. ELFA’s programmes are designed to effectively prepare preschoolers with a strong headstart for primary education.

Parents who had tuned in to watch the virtual concert were able to express their heartfelt well-wishes for their graduating children via the online platform.

Graduates of ELFA Preschool @ Serangoon delighted their families and teachers with a series of performances to mark their graduation.

Graduate of ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley, Isaac (right), sang and danced along with his K1 school mate, Ernest, to the song 《感谢》 “Thank you” to show his gratitude towards his parents, teachers and school mates.

Singapore United As One

At NurtureStars, a collaboration between Kinderland and SAFRA clubs, the concert theme was ‘Singapore United As One’. The performances put up was a show of solidarity with other children across the country similarly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each of the six centres performed three items. The items included an English and Chinese item, and the third showcasing the gymnastic prowess of NurtureStars’ children to the tune of the remix, ‘Reach Out for the Stars’. The bold and fun gymnastics moves reminded the children to stay fit and healthy, as part of their ‘Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds’ learning journey with the preschool.

The event reminded the children of the importance of having a positive mindset to succeed in life and stay as ‘One united people’ where ‘people of different backgrounds stand together as one heart and one voice to create one history’.

Our NurtureStars graduates performing with excitement during the virtual concert.

Lead by Ms Mimi of JACPA, our NurtureStars children showing off confidence, agility, discipline and teamwork in a special gymnastics display.

Giraffes Can! Dance

Commemorating Kindergarten 2 milestone preschool years were the 20 centres under Skool4Kidz. Individual concerts hosted the children’s graduation within the centre to round up their preschool years with a bang.

Themed ‘Giraffes Can! Dance’ – a children’s storybook by Giles Andreae – the performances were held across all centres. The story tells of the tall and awkward giraffe, Gerald, who loves to dance but finds difficulty in doing so. Other animals would jeer and make fun of him. However, he persevered and eventually dazzled the crowd with his new dance routine.

The story teaches of self-acceptance and the importance of embracing everyone’s differences. It builds confidence and self-esteem. Children encouraged not to shy away from trying new things, even in the face of failure.

Students were given the opportunity to deliver their valedictorian speech and Chinese recital during the virtual concert. They sang the school song together and wrapped up the programme with the catchy Skool4Kidz Rap.

We’ve graduated! Our little ones from Skool4Kidz @ Yishun Orchid Spring look forward to embarking on their new primary school journey.

Hand-made props, right down to the costumes – bravo, Teachers!

Kudos to our principals and teachers’ dedication spending weeks preparing the little ones for their graduation in their preschool lifetime!