In January 2019, Kinderland Ipoh preschool opened its new preschool site at no 40, Jalan Kelab Golf, Ipoh Perak. This new preschool is a joint collaboration between P.K Lee Sdn Bhd, Balak Gerutu Sdn Bhd and ELFA Education (M) Sdn Bhd. The total built-up area is 450 sqm with an outdoor space of 225 sqm.

New purpose-built Kinderland Ipoh preschool

Sprawling indoor and outdoor spaces provide conducive environments for both playing and learning

The specially-designed educational facilities include spacious classrooms, computer and keyboard music room, library, cookery cum dining room, indoor activity area, beautiful playground, and etc.

Spacious and interactive learning environment

The preschool is designed to provide transformative learning experiences to children and make them feel at home. Also, open spaces and classrooms are purposeful built to encourage interaction between children.

The programmes available at Kinderland Ipoh are for pre-nursery (3 years old), nursery (4 years old) and kindergarten (5 to 6 years old). The full-day programme is also a great benefit of the working parents who now have the childcare they can completely trust. The operation hours are from 8:00 a.m to 5:30 p.m, Monday to Friday.

Lessons are carried out in small groups. The low teacher and child ratio ensures optimal learning. Thus, parents can be assured that your child will be fully cared for in an encouraging and motivational environment right until they are ready for Primary school. Children are taught the skills and experience to investigate and explore, learn and create, cooperate and communicate ideas to others.

The power of Keyboard Music
Children Music Programme (CMP) is a key component of the Kinderland Curriculum. It is taught by a professional music teacher. Younger children are encouraged to express themselves musically through activities such as song and solfege singing, as well as rhythmic movements. Older kindergarten children are given opportunities to acquire basic rudiments of music, read music scores and learn music notation on the keyboard. CMP not only promotes a positive impact on a child’s mental development but also develops focus and confidence, helps to refine motor skills and enhances emotional well-being.

Keyboard music enhances a child’s abstract reasoning skills which are important for learning Maths and Science.

Developing 21st Century Learning Skill
Literacy through I.T is another core programme that develops children’s creative thinking as well as the confidence to express openly.

Cardio – Fitness Improves Metal Performance
Kinderfit, our unique cardio-fitness programme makes exercising fun, a physical activity that boots a child’s memory, build self-confidence, responsible habit, team spirit and positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.

Trilingual Curriculum
Our Integrated Curriculum incorporates themes that connect children to their growing world gradually, allowing them to embrace their new knowledge comfortably. The same themes are taught in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. As a result, children develop strong trilingual literacy.

Parallel trilingual curriculum reinforces learning and making learning easy and fun.

We are thankful that for more than 40 years, Kinderland has been the trusted choice for parents and we are proud to have touched the lives of more than 22,000 children annually over 120 centres locally and regionally.