Wrapping up on the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, we would like to extend our heartiest “Welcome Home” and encouragement to our dearest alumni, Joseph Schooling. Our nation’s golden boy joined Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade in 1999 and subsequently graduated in 2001.

Our K1 (Jaelin Ho Eng Xuan) and K2 (Rayant Gan Zheng Kai) students presenting a handmade token to Joseph Schooling during his victory parade in 2016.

This Olympic, he showed us sheer determination in facing strong opponents from all over the world. He persevered in adversity, not shying away from the competition.

These sorts of mental strength and values have been instilled in all Kinderland students, taking them through their milestones in life. Our students, for one, are incredibly proud of Joseph Schooling, who have displayed resolve while competing against some of the world’s best athletes. It is heartening to see one of our alumni grow up to become a confident sportsman.

From the Kinderland family, thank you for always trying your best. You have won all our hearts with your commitment to excellence.