Thank You Teachers For Your Dedication

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Kinderland Preschool

Kinderland is the 4th pre-school that Faith has attended.
Thankfully, this will also be the last before she goes into Primary school.

After attending Kinderland, Faith has become a much more confident, cheerful & lively person, much unlike the timid, quiet & introverted girl she was before.
Back then, she always seemed to look like there was something she wanted to say, but just couldn’t/wouldn’t (which was honestly very worrying).

Lucky for us, we found Kinderland (MOM) and I am not only thankful but also grateful beyond words to Kinderland for helping me by transforming Faith into the confident & bubbly girl that she is now. She is laughing so often and also constantly wears a smile now. ;-)

It is with deepest appreciation and even deeper respect that I say to them, “JOB WELL DONE Kinderland (MOM)! Keep up the fantastic work!”

Eldon Ho, proud parent of Faith Ho, K2

Although this is Sophie’s first and last year in Kinderland, she really had a fun and enriching experience in Kinderland. She is always sharing with us the fun activities conducted in school. She is looking forward to attending school every single day. Thank you for conducting the zoom sessions during the circuit breaker. This year, all the teachers had a challenging job. It’s definitely not easy but I must say, all the teachers in Kinderland did a fantastic job! The children had fun attending the daily online lessons. Thank you for the mask and small gifts given too. If there were no teachers, all other professions would not have exist! You will always be the child’s hero! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Joli Lin, proud parent of Sophie Han, K2

Dear Mr Kingston, Thank you very much for going the extra mile to produce interesting content for the children during circuit breaker. Your passion and enthusiasm as a teacher and your genuine love and care for the children inspires and can be felt by the heart. You have an amazing ability in handling the children, and Joshua has a great liking as you are such a fun and interesting teacher. Thank you for also inspiring him to pick up martial arts.

Adeline, proud parent of Joshua Oh, K2

Thank you for the patience you display while teaching Bevis. Your inspirational words are like beautiful footprints that have been etched in the kid’s hearts and mind forever.
We see how much Bevis has grown from when he first joined as a toddler to now that he is in K1; physically, knowledge and confidence wise.

Thank you for the guidance to Bevis and the never-giving-up spirit you all (teachers) have shown and influenced on the kids.

This year has been a little more challenging with Covid 19 situation, however the spirit of an educator still shines!

Enjoy this special day – my family thank you so much for all your hard work and being such a Wonderful Teacher!
You are doing a fantastic job!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Serene Tan, proud parent of Bevis Loh Hao En, K1
We would like to thank both teachers, Miss Huda & Wang Laoshi. Wishing Happy Teachers’ Day !

It’s their deep expertise combined with tangible love that is helping to build up Leonardo.

We can see daily improvements; languages, behavior & social attitudes.

The activities in school help him to further develop his mind.

Leonardo always calls his teachers’ names several times in a day during weekends, and looks forward to be back in school the coming Monday.

A sign of unconditional love.

We would like to extend our gratitude also to the whole staff for their precious efforts during the health emergency that hit the country. They have done a great work to secure our beloved ones, and to keep the environment safe.

A sign of professionalism and dedication that we can’t forget.

Heartfelt thank you again to all of you from our family wishing you Health, Love and Happiness.

Claire Hoo, proud parent of Leonardo Keanu Romanelli, PN1

I would like to commend Ms Lin and Zhang Laoshi 张老师 for relentlessly keeping up with staying in touch with the kids during the lockdown period by holding classes and thinking of ways to keep them entertained. Also, because Emily wouldn’t eat much on her own and wouldn’t allow anyone else to feed her, she has been very difficult during mealtimes. Both Ms Lin and Zhang Laoshi 张老师 have been very patient with her. I also noticed that Emily has become more independent lately. She has learnt tasks like washing her face and mouth, including taking off her own shoes. Thank you Teachers at Kinderland Sunshine Place.

Estee Chua Netto, proud parent of Emily Netto, PN1

We want to thank Teacher Corrine Tay and Fei Lan lao shi for constantly guiding our little Luke throughout. Even during the home-based learning period, they both ensured that Luke is participating actively in the e-learning. They always ensure Luke has opportunities to speak online. It was tough at the start of the e-learning for both teachers and parents, but both teachers made sure they reconfirm with us, parents, that the students had understood the lessons. They make time to call us if we need support.

Thank you for acting as parents in school for our kids. :-)

Elizabeth Recto, proud parent of Luke Isaac Silva Recto, K2

I would like to thank Ms Cristine, Fu Laoshi and Ms Zyra for their relentless effort during the HBL period. I am very impressed by their efforts to prepare and organise the worksheets and art & craft materials nicely. It was not an easy period for them and they are able to display their professionalism in teaching the children. Javier and Jonas have grown tremendously under their teaching. In addition, I would also like to thank the rest of the Marine Parade Teachers for their love and care to my children. Lastly, also to thank the Cook aunty for providing such nutrition and tasty food. Both my children love her cooking.

Pei Suan, proud parent of Javier and Jonas Ang, K2 and Nursery

Dayna has been in the capable hands of the staff at Kinderland Hougang since 5 months old, starting with full day Infant-care. Her transition to full day childcare in PN1 class this year was done under the caring and thoughtful supervision of both her Infant-carers and PN1-teachers. Many thanks to Ms. Maureen and Chen Laoshi for their tireless efforts during Dayna’s Infant-care days, giving me and my husband absolute peace of mind to leave Dayna in their care. And much appreciation for Ms. Mei Xian and Liu Laoshi for continuing the same care and support for Dayna’s development after moving up to PN1. Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you!

Melissa W, proud parent of Dayna Cheng, PN1

Maeve & Leia started infant care when they were 6 months old, and they hardly cried when going to school! It makes my heart break a little to not see them turn back to look for me when I drop them off at school, but I know that is because they feel secure, and are happy to be with you! Happy Teachers’ Day!! You all are the most patient, most loving teachers I know!

Jaclyn Huan, proud parent of Maeve & Leia Yong, Infant

…important part of the society…had to innovate & evolve your ways of teaching almost nightly…you did so admirably, confidently, and impeccably…grateful for your passion in teaching, guiding & imparting important life lesson to Theodore…thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

Casper Lai, proud parents of Theodore Joshane Lai, Playgroup

…mentioning Ilhan’s teacher’s names never fail to bring a smile to his face…shows how much love, comfort & sweet moments he must have had from his teachers…to entrust a toddler at school for a large portion of each day, we’re really thankful to these big-hearted teachers who love my child…

Zahidah Khan-See, proud parents of Ilhan See Zhi Fang, Nursery 1

…wonder teachers of Joash, you ladies have been the most hardworking superheroes who do not wear capes…Thank ou for the consistent hardwork right from th start, way before the pandemic…we made it because of your effort…You deserve the best!

Christine, proud parents of Joash Lou, Kindergarten 1

We’re thankful to have the same teacher for Titus in N1 & N2…she provides timely updates via a dedicated app with many pictures of the activities. A good teacher is hard to come by, she’s definitely a gem in Skool4Kidz!

Josephine Ang, proud parents of Aw Titus, Nursery 2

“If there were no teachers, all other professions would not have exist”, this quote reminds me of Vihann’s blessed encounter with his lovely teachers… Immense support from all his teachers in managing his behaviour and habits while I return to work after maternity break… teachers are very up-to-date on current affairs & knowledge, and it makes my son happy…

Bhavani, proud parents of Vihaan, Kindergarten 1

Thank you for supporting my children when we had to practice safe distancing during the pandemic… really appreciate the home-based learning, and additional measures such as the table shields and allocated seating zones. These may be small details but they mean so much. Our kids love you and so do we! Thank you!

Nabillahuda, proud parents of Nawrah Binte Muhammad Luqman, Nursery 1

Big thank you to all the teachers in Buangkok Square S4K! You are AWESOME! The effort put in during the Covid-19 situation has not gone unnoticed. I’m thankful my son can still attend school while we perform our duty as essential workers. Even with minimum manpower, the teachers maintained professionalism!

Haidah, proud parents of Naufal Rusyaidi, Nursery 1

It’s satisfying to know that our child is given the same amount of love and care as she would get at home. Thank you for being part of my daughter’s life!

Jasini, proud parents of Kishanaa, Nursery 1

…I know it’s tough working day and night to provide HBL during the Covid-19 pandemic, just so our children can continue their learning sessions. Ian and I appreciate all your efforts, we’re definitely indebted by your actions. We should celebrate the patience and sacrifices of our teachers daily, not just 1 day in a year…

Dyana Jumadi, proud parents of Ian Wajendra, Nursery 1

Thank you for the astounding job teachers, for providing care to our son, Muhd Naqeeb! It’s difficult to handle the young, but your patience and firmness have made a huge difference. Thank you for establishing healty boundaries and creating a trusting environment.

Liyana Rosli, proud parents of Muhammad Naqeeb, Kindergarten 2
Dear Mrs Nah, Teacher Lyn, Zhong Laoshi & the brilliant team at NurtureStars Tampines,

Imran & I would like to express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for nurturing Soha all these years.
A special thank you for all the hard work in the recent months, keeping the kids safe, healthy and their spirits up.
Above all, we feel truly blessed for having been part of the NurtureStars Family!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Shahirah MY & Imran Morris, proud parent of Soha Morris, K2
Hey teachers, just want to thank you for all the dedication & effort! 感谢你们对小孩们无私的奉献!
Happy Teachers’ Day! 教师节快乐! :)

-Rachel’s Mummy

Mei Ting, proud parent of Rachel Tan, PN1B
I want to say a big Thank You to Teacher Lilian, Teacher Ann and Teacher Tang, for their great patience and caring towards Dylan. At the beginning, we were unsure if NS TP was suitable because Dylan did not seem to adjust well to the Center for awhile. However, we were wrong as we started to see him smiling and talking much. This means a lot to us. Thanks for making his stay to be educational yet enjoying and fun. Happy Teacher’s Day! :)
Jess Lu, proud parent of Dylan Tan, PN1
A heartfelt Thank you to Teacher Aishah/ Cai laoshi/ Assistant Teacher for your nobleness, selflessness and patience in teaching and caring for our son. We know it’s never been easy; we truly appreciate each and everyone of you for your hard work and heart work! Happy Teacher’s Day! ❤️
Elisa Chua, proud parent of Eloy Quek, PN1B
Thank you teacher Nerissa for teaching and guiding our daughter in her very first year of school. She feel so much comfortable around her teacher and try her best to adapt to the new environment. Hope to have your support on the new journey of her life.
Supee-orn, proud parent of Kayla, PN2
Dear Teacher Juliana and Teacher Yu,
Thank you for taking care and guiding Joshua in his nursery year. He have grown and develop himself. I can see the improvement in him. But it would not be possible with your patience and guidance. Without your guidance, he would might not have blossom as much as he is right now.
Hopefully in the years ahead, he will remember the lessons both of you imparted onto him and remember the teachers who molded him today to be the better person he is to be tomorrow.

Vincent & Angela

Vincent Mack, proud parent of Joshua Mack, Nursery
Dearest Teacher Cheryl and Jiao Lao Shi,

Thank you so much for your patience in guiding Leighton.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Shuhui Ng, proud parent of Leighton Chen, Nursery
Firstly, a great kudos to the NurtureStars Yishun teachers team. You’ve done great job and put in best efforts in lesson planning especially during the circuit breaker and as well as handling the safety measures during covid 19 pandemic.

Secondly, will like to specially thank Teacher Melissa and XU Laoshi who are teaching K1 currently. For teacher Melissa, thank you for your patience and kindness. I still remember when Josh wasn’t able to attend school, she will specially arrange a make up lesson during Josh’s half day program in school, ensuring Josh not missing out any lessons. And her kindness and love towards Josh and other kids are greatly demonstrated and well shown by how much the kids loved her. She is very approachable and encouraging that Josh will not feel stressful or fearful if he’s in doubt in his work. So much of thankfulness towards teacher Melissa that words can’t say enough. She is just like a mother to all children. So, to Teacher Melissa, “thank you very much for your love and patience. You are really the best and superb teacher I have ever seen! Thank u so so much!”

And for XU Laoshi, she is very motherly. She is very patient with Josh who speaks English more. And she is also very encouraging when Josh did his show and tell. Some words or sentences Josh did not know how to say in Mandarin, she will guide and teach him. And because of her patience and love, Josh has learnt to like Chinese and has also improved in his Mandarin. Really thankful to have Xu Laoshi this year, and to Xu Laoshi, 诚心地感谢您的耐心、爱心给于圣恩如此好的教导。

Katherine Dai Minghui, proud parent of Joshua Yeong Sheng En, Kindergarten 1
Thank you for caring for Jarrell each and every day! We’ll never forget the difference you’ve all made in his life. All of you are indeed the stars in nuturing him! Happy Teacher’s Day 2020!
Esther Chong, proud parent of Jarrell Tan, Infant
The year 2020 has been an unprecedented one. I would like to thank the teachers who had to change their way of educating our children and also able to take care of children physically during and after the circuit breaker period. Special thanks to teacher Lorraine who is Isabelle’s favourite teacher.
Raymond Chiam, proud parent of Isabelle Chiam, K1

They have been doing a great job, making a positive, friendly and caring environment for all the children. During this pandemic, ELFA Teachers have been working endlessly to keep the learning going and creating fun activities and at the same time raising awareness about Covid-19 to all the children.

I also would like to make a special thank you to Li Laoshi for her loving and caring towards my daughter, Clovey. Thank you, Li Laoshi! Her beautiful smile is the best welcome for Clovey every morning. Clovey has been improving on her Chinese and Li Laoshi has been making effort to inform parents on what the children have learnt in class. Li Laoshi, you’re a wonderful teacher!

Caryn Cheong, proud parent of Clovey Chong Kai Qi, Nursery

Thank you for all the love showered on Yu Heng!

Your patience and guidance has helped him grow. Thank you once again for nurturing him! Here’s wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Fan Han, proud parent of Yu Heng, K1

We would like to say a big thank you to Principal Pat and all the Teachers in ELFA Serangoon for giving Joshua a safe and loving environment to learn and grow in. Joshua enjoys going to school and he loves his Teachers (Teacher Lyn and Wang Laoshi). When he comes home from school, he is always eager to share what he has learned that day. With the new normal due to Covid 19, his Teachers have worked very hard to make learning engaging for Joshua during the Circuit Breaker and also helped to ensure that he adjusted back to school seamlessly. We want to say a BIG thank you to all the teachers for their love and care, and for making Joshua’s time in ELFA so enjoyable. Good job Teachers!

Stella Ng, proud parent of Joshua Ng, K1

Huge shout out to the teachers for their patience and commitment in transiting Charlotte to school. Special thanks to Teacher Pat, Teacher Celine, Teacher Thresha, 田老师 & 李老师 for the hard work and consistently updating us on Charlotte’s progress.

Clara Tan, proud parent of Charlotte Lau, Pre-Nursery

Thankful to the entire school of teachers for seeing them through HBL during circuit breaker and for the undying love and concern towards the children. Especially grateful to Teacher Lyn, 王老师, Teacher Celine and most importantly Teacher Pat for the leadership.
I’m glad to see Curtis enjoying school and always telling his little sister to look forward to school like the way he does.
Thank you!

Clara Tan, proud parent of Curtis Lau, K1

Thank you for the hard work from the teachers at ELFA! We are happy to see Conrad progressing well with his speech and also self-help skills since he started school. Conrad is happy to be in school always and has become very vocal now.

Doreen Lim, proud parent of Conrad Ong, Toddlers

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”
Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers and staff in ELFA! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in teaching and caring for the children, and making their second home the best place to be!

Wincy Tsang, proud parent of Maia Lau, K1

I would like to thank Zhang Laoshi for caring for my son Sage. She is very patient and kind and encourages him to learn and grow, even more than the usual curriculum. Although he hardly speaks Chinese at home, he seems to speak it readily in school, and that can be attributed to his close bond with his Laoshi.

Stephanie Ow, proud parent of Sage Theodore Ow Zhe Kai, PN1

Thank you Teacher Thresha for your dedication in caring and teaching my daughter with patience and sincerity. I appreciate your determination in helping Micaela to grow and develop creatively. I hope you continue doing the same and I love to see how Micaela is getting better in her attitude and imaginative creativity.

I would like to thank Tian Laoshi for your Chinese lessons for Micaela. It is really important for me to know she is improving on her Chinese language skill. I wish she will learn and speak more Chinese sentences with your continuous help.

Go ELFA!!!

Silvia Grace Hendry, proud parent of Micaela Annalina Natanael, PN

A big thank you for all of you, its been a very stressful and unforgettable experience this academic year. You were great with your patience and passion toward our kids, it means a lot for us parents. May you have all the strength and success in your career. Thank you again for everything you do.

Maysaa, parent of Year 2 student

Dear teachers and staff of TGI,
Thank you always for being really close with our children and even with the parents.
We are always thankful for your support towards learning. We hope TGI will continue to grow and become a bigger family with the same heart.

Masa & Emi, parents of Year 1B student

I would like to thank you, dear Teachers, for all the guidance and knowledge that Jaime has received from you. I remember him not knowing how to read or write when he joined The Grange. Now, in less than a year, he has grown so much and learned a lot.
Being a teacher is not easy. The amount of patience that you have is beyond measure and the love that you have for the children is truly remarkable.

Joel, parent of Year 1B student

James wakes up each morning wanting to go to school. Given the chance to take a day off, he says no – “I want to go to school”. To us, there’s no greater testament to the soul of a school than a child who looks forward to it every day. And that comes down to the heart of the school – its teachers. Their commitment to the children is unwavering. Their passion and creativity is admirable. We are truly thankful to each and every one of our teachers, for their effort, dedication and genuine interest in our child. Thank you, so much.

Udara & Natasha, parents of Year 1B student

Dear Teachers of TGI. You have all demonstrated such care and dedication to each and every one of your students in the past months, especially under such uncertain circumstances. As we all waded through uncharted waters, the children felt happy and secure under your teaching and guidance.

Joanna, parent of Year 2 student

This message is to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers and all the staff at The Grange Institution for all your dedication, tenacity and hard work. Each and every member of this family has an important role in Joel’s education but most important in teaching him the important values he will need as he grows up . Thank you for helping him to grow his confidence and above all for drawing a smile on his face every day.

Acosta family, parents of Year 1B student

Thanks for being there taking care of our kid and giving the best of you for her to learn during this super important initial part of her life, which hopefully will be the best foundation of an amazing journey for her.

Rafael, parent of Year 1A student

Thank you for your support, guidance and giving wings of confidence to our child Pranav. He has a lot of love and respect for all his teachers and looks forward to meet them everyday. We truly appreciate all the inspiration that he takes from all his teachers and would like to thank each of teachers who are now his extended family he can depend upon.

Neha & Prashant, parents of Year 1B student

We want to recognize all TGI teachers for their relentless support, perseverance and hard work to overcome various challenges during this pandemic. Appreciate the guidance and creativity in reinventing teaching and learning for the kids!

Joan & Carlo, parents of Year 2 student