Crestar Group Teachers' Day

Thank You Teachers For Your Dedication

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Kinderland Preschool

Isabelle’s journey with Kinderland been fantastic so far!
She went in during Covid times. Am glad that the whole team holds high standards of hygiene to keep HFMD & Covid cases low and in check throughout.
Thank you for the constant communication and updates.
The greatest joy & comfort is Isabelle goes to school and back happily. She is our only child. We have no prior experiences in handling children also. We thank the school for accommodating & addressing our anxieties and concerns throughout.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation & gratitude for all the love & care for Isabelle to the Principal, all the teachers & staffs of Kinderland @ Hougang (Kovan)! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Evelyn Ho, proud parent of Isabelle Goh Yun En, Nursery

Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Daya, Chen Laoshi, Lin Laoshi, Ms. Michelle (to name a few). Thank you for being who you are – supportive, resilient, patient, always upbeat day in and out and more for our child(ren) in Kinderland @ MOM.

Since Arissa’s PG days to now K2, she has grown to model your kindness, love being in school and always excited with learning new discoveries. She thoroughly enjoyed performing on stage as well with all the practices involved. You’ve made that happen!

Being an ECH educator is not an easy feat! You have played and will always play a part in raising our future generations (& not many of us can say this)!

May another year of thank you notes and dedications keeps your spark going and make your day! Keep your heads high, we’ll always cheer you on!

Sikin Razali, proud parent of Nur Arissa, K2

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for your never ending dedication to our children! You could have chosen many other career paths but chose to mould the minds of the young ones. Thank you for also giving us the assurance that we are also doing okay as parents. It takes a village to raise a child and you are part of the village of every child. We are grateful to have you around so that as parents we are assured that our child is in good hands and that we can focus on our work completely. Wishing you a wonderful Teacher’s Day!

Sabrina, proud parent of Emma, Infant

Dear Teachers,
Happy Teachers’ Day!!!
On this special day, we would truly and sincerely like to thank each and everyone of your efforts in Yuna’s early years of learning. With your help, she is able to pick up the necessary motor skills and good habits that all kids should be practising. We, as parents are very comfortable and happy to have our child attending Kinderland and would be relying on everyone of you to impart more goods things to our child.
Keep up the good efforts and ensure every child feels the love and pleasure in attending school with Kinderland. Stay strong & healthy!

Ivy Teyo, proud parent of Zheng Yu Tong Yuna, PN2B

Kayne is very thankful for his Teachers at Kinderland, he is always showered with kind words and so much love.

He has learnt to be a really sweet boy and we are very thankful for the Teachers who cultivated this good behaviour.

This Teacher’s Day, we would love to let all the Teachers know that they did a wonderful job in taking care of our children and nurturing them into awesome kids!

Ewayne Jake Toh Lim, proud parent of Kayne Sirius Toh, PN1


Faith Li, proud parent of 李勝凱 (Zayden Lee), K2

Dear Miss Lin,

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to Aadya. We are always thrilled to hear her say Mandarin words here and there and sing Mandarin songs 😀

Wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

❤️ From Aadya

Smita Singh, proud parent of Aadya Singh, Pre- Nursery 2

It is not easy managing a 2 year old, much less a class of them! Teacher Elly and Liang Laoshi have been amazing with the children and have taught my girl to be much more independent than she would have been at home. Thank you for your effort, love and care for Arielle – it is what made her love going to school, so much so that she doesn’t even turn to say goodbye when we drop her off.

Also a shout out to Ms Janet, who tirelessly went through all the questions I have on administrative and registration matters and welcomed the children brightly to school every morning :)

Happy teacher’s day ladies! And do know that your efforts are very much appreciated by us!

Ng Zhao Wei & Khoo Chuan Lin, proud parent of Arielle Ng, PN1

Thank you to the educators for giving your fullest care to Luna. Special mention to Ms Yang, who even call me up when Luna did not report to class because she is sick to check in on her and provided advice for speedier recovery. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Ang Chiu Lee, proud parent of Koh Yue Ning, Luna, Infant

Dear Ms Wee & Fu Laoshi,

Since 2021, you have worked diligently with Yuta, and your hard work shines through when we see how much Yuta has progressed in both English & Chinese class. He amazes us with the knowledge he has learnt during class, and is always eager to discuss and share what he has learnt at preschool. We are truly grateful for your support, guidance, and inspirational teachings over the years and you will be greatly missed next year when Yuta enters Primary School. 非常感谢你!

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Love From The Ching Family.

Tomoyo Shigeyoshi, proud parent of Ching Jun Kai, Yuta, K2

To the bubbly Teacher N**,

C**** is a child with super high separation anxiety and with a student like my child, being a teacher cannot be easy. However, I always feel so at ease whenever he is in your hands. You always take the extra effort to communicate with our child and update us on his learning/behaviour progress so we can better understand and work together as a team.

Teaching is certainly a calling that requires passion, a lot of hardwork and sacrifices.

We would like to thank you for all you have done this year, hope to see you in the next too!!

You are our perfect Teacher!! Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Reine Tan, proud parent of C**** Lam, N1B

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Skool4Kidz’ infant care for providing the best learning experience for our little one, N***. He has grown to love all his teachers and friends over the past 1.5 years. We truly appreciate the hardwork and thought put into creating a safe and fun environment for N*** to grow up in, and we’ll definitely miss everyone when he moves on to Playgroup in a couple of months!

Thank you, teachers! Happy Teacher’s Day! :)

Swee Hoon, proud parent of N*** Tam, Infant

Thank you Teacher J******, Z***** Laoshi, Cikgu S***, Teacher S*****, Teacher R****, Teacher Q**, Teacher L*** and all other staff in S4K@WLCM for all the guidance that you have shown to my only girl ever since she joined the infant care till K2. She has grown up to be an independent child and always loves to talk about her teachers. Your love, care and tenderness towards the children is very much appreciated. 💐HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY TO EVERYONE! ALL OF YOU DESERVE TO BE APPRECIATED! 💐

Masturah Yusoff, proud parent of A*** M******* Binte Abdullah, K2

To Teacher F***, L** Laoshi and all the PG teachers,
I have no idea how you do what you do. Caring for a whole class of toddlers takes superhuman patience and commitment. The tantrums, the potty accidents, the playground falls, the cuts on foreheads, the incessant cries for no reasons! I only have 1 toddler to care for and I have already secretly wished that he could turn to an adult overnight (but, that will be another set of issues to deal with).

So, today (and it should be every day actually), I want to take this opportunity to thank you for caring for I***** and teaching him values to be his better self. It takes a whole new level of remarkable to love a bunch of other people’s kids. And you definitely fit the definition of it.

As you care for the little ones, I also hope that you take time to self care and slow down.
Thank you again and have a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Salha, proud parent of M****** I*****, PG B

Dear Ms J*** and *老师, I am very grateful to you for taking such good care of J***. After he started playgroup, he talks a lot more. I can see how attending playgroup with both of you to teach him has helped him to learn and grow so much! Thank you for assuring me and giving me updates, helping me not to feel anxious about how J*** is in school. Under your care, I know he is in good hands :)

J***'s Mommy, proud parent of J***, PGC

Dear Teacher A*****, Y** Laoshi and Teacher J***

Thank you for always being patient with I**** and his classmates. I can see that they are quite a playful bunch, still learning, still very curious and still exploring. I love hearing the sound of laughter from their classroom when I come by to send or fetch I****. A child blossoms in a safe environment. Thank you for providing that safe haven for the children. We love you ❤️

Aysha, proud parent of I****, N2

Dear Teachers,
Thank you for making A**** enjoy coming to school daily. He is a cheerful and happy individual because of your warmth, love and dedication. As parents, we are truly grateful for everyting that all of you have done. A “Thank you” is not enough to express our gratitude. A*** loves all of you. Stay safe and keep smiling 😊

Linda Kadir, proud parent of Siti A**** Jibril, K1A

Dear Teacher W***, Y***** Lao Shi and Teacher A*****,

Thank you for your guidance and patience. It takes a big heart to grow little minds. L*** is lucky to have such wonderful teachers. Wishing you a Teacher’s Day that is full of joyous moments.

Bernard, Hazel and L***

Hazel, proud parent of L*** Su, N2

Shout out to the Playgroup teachers of SBSB; Teacher C******, Teacher J****, D** Laoshi and H* Laoshi for their endless dedication in ensuring that the children receive quality care and education in the classroom! My daughter enjoys going to school and seeing her smile as she walks out the door when we fetch her puts our hearts at ease knowing that she is good hands and is happy in school. Keep putting on smiles on the children’s faces and thank you for all that you gave. Happy Teacher’s Day!!! 😃

Jumali B Sarpani, proud parent of M****** Bte Jumali, Playgroup

Dear Teachers and Laoshi,

Thank you for being patient and showing that you care for R*****. I understand that R***** may be socially conservative and doesn’t like to interact much and he may even throw tantrums and toys around. Those are things that may disrupt your class and require you to put in more attention to him. I can see his steady progress and now he’s willing to talk about school and his friends. Thank you for your dedication and hardwork. We appreciate the work that you do for our children’s future. ❤️

Aisyah, proud parent of R*****, N1B

To Dearest Teacher E*****,

I would like to say thank you for your ultimate care, concern, love and guidance for K******* since the 1st day she joined in February 2022. Your patience dealing with her settling down & growing to be comfortable in school is really appreciated by us. Now, you have become her favourite teacher of all. One whom she will say, “I love Teacher E*****,” once in a while when she wakes up in the morning. I trust her in your hands because you are her safe place in school. I wish you well always. You are one true gem the school has. Thank you for being part of K*******’s school journey & a wonderful Teacher’s Day to you.

Siti Khadijah, proud parent of Siti K*******, N1D

Teacher Daphne and 何老師 have been very attentive and caring towards Zong Sheng. I have learnt a lot from 何老師 especially, in terms of guiding my son and how he can build his confidence. I am very appreciative towards these two teachers who have showed their passion and commitment to caring for the class, keep up the good work!

Tan Peiyi, proud parent of Teng Zong Sheng, K1

Thank you to all the teachers for taking such great care of Ethan. He loves his teachers and enjoys going to school everyday. I can see how happy he is when he goes into class to join his teachers and friends so I can go to work with no worries.

Rita Chong, proud parent of Ethan Lin, PG 1 / Infant

Happy Teachers’ Day !
Thank you teachers from NurtureStars for all the effort and hard works in bring out the best in the children.

Lin Qiao, proud parent of Tristan, K2

Dear Teacher Shahz and Wang Lao Shi,
Thank you for taking care of Clarence and guiding him patiently as he grows. He has learnt a lot from you and is becoming more independent. Wishing the two of you a very Happy Teacher’s Day!
From Clarence and his parents

Michelle Loi, proud parent of Yong Kang Hong Clarence, PN2

A big heartfelt thank you to all Teachers and staff at Elfa Hougang!
We can feel and see the dedication of teachers in nurturing our child. You paid attention to ZhengXi’s needs and instilled a sense of belonging. We see the change in him going from “yay, no school” to “why no school today”. He also beams with pride when he tells others that he studies at Elfa Preschool because his teachers are excellent.
We appreciate teachers putting in effort and going the extra mile to make every festive celebration personal for each child. The centre is always nicely decorated with artwork the children worked on. I, too, look forward to the festival whenever the decorations are up.
Great Job, Teachers! Once again, thank you, especially to Teacher Pat, Teacher Celine and Huang Laoshi!

Mrs Mok, proud parent of Zheng Xi, K2

Thank you Teacher Pat, Teacher Celine, 王老师,黄老师 and all other staff for being ever so caring and kind towards Reagan helping him grow. Reagan enjoys going to school and always look forward to see his teachers and friends. Thank you ❤️

Jereme & Carrie, proud parent of Reagan, PN

The pandemic years have upended preschool life. I am thankful that the teachers and support staff at Elfa Preschool have readily adapted to the changes and overcame the obstacles in order to teach and care for the children, including my daughter. Happy Teachers Day!

Dr Ho, proud parent of Rongrong, Nursery

Thank you Laoshi, my child learns something new everyday. She comes home in excitement, ready to showcase the new knowledge she learnt today. She was recently transferred from Pandan Valley to Hougang but it was a seamless transition, she felt right at home and never out of place in either centres. Thank you ELFA Preschool team for always showering Emily with love!

Lini Chew , proud parent of Emily Tim , K1

Dear Miss Lynn and Wang Laoshi,

Thank you for all support and patience that you give to Matthew.

You are the best!

Isabella Kusumawati, proud parent of Matthew Gerhardt Novengers, K1

Dear 孙老师,刘老师,鲁老师 and Teacher Jaya — HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY! Thank you for teaching and taking care of me. I love you!

Dawn, proud parent of Emma Tan, N1

Dear 刘老师, 卢老师, 孙老师 & Teacher Jaya, we realise that teaching is often a thankless job. We see how you pour your heart and soul into planning and teaching your daily lessons. Your passion for your students is an inspiration to all parents. We are Grateful for all you’ve done. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Nellie Leow, proud parent of Zack Qi, P2

谢谢老师们和学校所有工作人员这么的照顾玥彬,让他很快就喜欢上学了。大家的耐心和教导都有目共睹。玥彬在每个周一早上都会说 “Hurry up, let’s go to school. meet Lao Shi! ”。感谢大家的辛劳和爱心💗。

Su Jun Koh, proud parent of 玥彬, PN
Thank you all, teachers at The Grange taking care of my daughter. She has wonderful experiences at Grange. I am really appreciative of all the work you are doing. Happy Teacher’s day!
Tomoko & Christophe Grilo, parents of Yuna Grilo Suda
Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers and staff at The Grange. We will always be thankful for all the hard work and efforts you have put into educating my son. We have been through a lot during the pandemic, and the journey we made together is a lifelong memory!
Tei Anan, parent of Wu Wozi
As new parents to The Grange, I already felt like I am a part of a big family here. Teachers really care for their students, are patient and responsible. We are grateful to have such great teachers in our kids’ life
Bonnie & Qiao Ming, parents of Charles & Doris Qiao
To all the teachers and staff, thank you for being our kids’ guardians in school and for tirelessly making an effort, making sure they stay engaged and happy in school. I’ve never seen a group of kids love school so much. Thank you for making TGI their home.
Gonzales Family, parents of Ysabela & Joaquin Gonzales
Happy teachers day. Thank you all for your kindness, patience, and continuous support to our kids during these difficult times. The last 2 years wasn’t easy on any of us, but you managed to keep it up, and draw a smile on our kids faces. It’s going to leave a mark in their lives for ever during this one of a kind experience during a pandemic. Thank you for always being there, supporting them. God bless you. Stay safe.
Maysaa & Mazen Abil Mona , parents of Joubran Abil Mona
Dear teachers at The Grange.
I deeply appreciate the education you provide for our children.
While we are all in a tough period of time, we respect the efforts you gave, continuing to teach despite the circumstances. Thank you and stay safe!
Yang Kiwook & Mizuki, parents of Eito & Saran Yang
Of all the inspiring quotes we’ve seen, we particularly like this one – “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”. Very true. Thank you to each and every one of our teachers at The Grange for always going over and beyond to help the children discover something new every day. Whether it is something new about themselves or their studies, their friends or environment, all of these curious little minds are patiently and knowledgeably supported. Your commitment and dedication are most deeply appreciated.
Natasha & Udara Withana, parents of James Withana
Dear TGI teachers, Thank you for all that you do to make the childrens’ school lives so wonderful. I can see that they are all very happy children and that is a reflection of the care and nurturing of all you lovely teachers, admin, ops and of course, principal!! Have a Happy Teacher’s day!!!
Joanna & Alexander Gow, parent of Rohan Gow
We would like to thank you all teachers in TGI for taking care of Year 1B class, taking them through a wonderful learning experience where they are discovering the real world, while growing their own personality. We feel very proud of being part of this family, and for our daughter to learn from a warm environment that makes her feel really comfortable and happy. Best wishes to all teachers and staff and keep up the hard and good work!!!
Elena & Rafael Jurado Vazquez, parents of Lucia Jurado Ibanez
Thank you all for your hardwork, your patience and love to our kids! You inspire their minds and lead them to explore the world confidently! Thank you for being an important person in our kids’ development!
Helen & Patrick Lau, parents of Brandon & Elvin Lau